Salma Hayek At Her Best In New Movie "Beatriz At Dinner"
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Its wonderful seeing actress Salma Hayek back on the silver screen and giving an A-list performance in the new dark comedy "Beatriz at Dinner." She stars in the film alongside other Hollywood heavyweights John Lithgow, Connie Britton, Jay Duplass, Amy Landecker, Chloë Sevigny and David Warshofsky. The flick is directed by Miguel Arteta.The LATimes reviewed it and says Salma Hayek is exquisite in the movie, making perhaps her finest acting role yet.You can learn more about the film at Salma Hayeks popular Instagram page. She is excited about the new flick and says that 23 million people had viewed the movie trailer. By the way, the sexy actress counts 3.6 million Instagram followers.Salma Hayek plays the part of Beatriz, a sweet Mexican-American healer and masseuse. She meets a nasty, egotistical racist who happens to be a billionaire played by John Lithgow.We first catch up to nurturing Beatriz hanging out at home with her pet goats and dogs. She is an earth mother whose life centers around her patients and animals.She leaves later that afternoon for an appointment with a regular client, Kathy (Connie Britton), and its a 60-mile trip. Kathy resides in a luxurious gated community at Newport Beach.After Beatriz finishes her session with Kathy, her VW wont start. Kathy insists that the kindly masseuse stay at the wealthy mansion and join them for dinner (six guests), and that is when Beatriz comes face to face with Doug Srutt (John Lithgow), the real estate businessman who reminds many of President Donald Trump.It becomes a dinner from Hell, and Doug peppers poor Beatriz with all kinds of inappropriate questions, even mistaking Beatriz for a service provider and asking her to freshen up his drink. He also asks her about her immigration status, and the verbal dance between the two continues. Beatriz starts drinking more and more wine and starts slinging the mud back to the entitled Doug."Beatriz at Dinner" is funny and heartwarming, a great summer movie.

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