Honey Birdette Strips Down for New York
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**UPDATE** 7.11.17See Honeys arrive in New York, here.

Honey Birdette has recently launched its New York Collection.Man of Many has taken note of the lingerie that has been introduced with the line and has featured pictures of the sensual items that are available for women to purchase. When looking at the images that are seen on social media sites like Instagram, you can see that Honey Birdette wants women to feel comfortable in their own skin. It wants to showcase the elegance that lingerie can exude along with the sensual side of lingerie whether its worn in the bedroom or underneath clothing. What makes lingerie stand out, such as a bra and panty set, is that women can reveal just a bit of what they wear and make a statement just as much as they would if they were to reveal the entire set. 

When women view the Instagram images posted by Honey Birdette, they can see how the lingerie can be worn. They see how it rests on the body and how it accents all areas of the body. The New York Collection is one that shows women that they can be beautiful no matter what size they are or what they wear. Many of the items in the collection are a bit risque, but that only gives women the confidence that they need to wear the type of clothing offered by the company in the bedroom or underneath clothing during the day. 

Most of the lingerie in the New York Collection is black. It features a lot of lace and a bit of leather, a combination that can result in making a woman feel sensual no matter where shes at during the day or night. Some of the sets that you see on Instagram have an innocent design. They are made of white lace and even black lace and other materials that simply makes a woman look like a model. There are other sets that are more sensual in the way that they are designed with a choker design attached to some bras and playful bows on the straps of bras. When women reveal these small details without showing anything else, it showcases the courage that they have and the comfort that they have with the body. Images on Instagram reveal garters that are attached to panties of all designs, some that are a string and some that are a bikini. There are also basic designs for women who are a bit more modest with what they wear in the way of lingerie. 

Honey Birdette features flirty sets that are playful. Women can create an experience that they cherish for a lifetime by simply wearing lingerie that molds to the body along with some of the other amusements that are offered by the company.

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