Kevin Hart Is For Real
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Take a look at Instagram and you will quickly discover that celebrities are people too. They enjoy spending time with their family and sharing those pictures with their fans. Yes, celebrities are just like the people in the real world too. The actor and comic recently shared a post on Instagram that depicted him in a totally different way. Certainly, Hart has millions of fans across the country. The pictures that were posted to the social media site have over 2,000 likes. The pictures have been viewed close to a million times. Dads For RealIn the picture, Hart is wearing a pair of colorful swim trunks near a pool. He is wearing an inner tube around his waist. The caption on the picture states his reason for the outfit and expression on this face. It seems one of his kids was bullied by others at the local pool. Well, the picture captures Hart and demonstrates that he is a really hands on Dad that cares about his kids, especially when they are bullied by other kids.

Celebrities And Instagram

A lot of the most influential and popular celebrities navigate straight to Instagram to post their most recent pictures. Perhaps, a lot of people wonder why celebrities are so eager to share all their personal moments with others. Well, the simple fact is that Instagram is free publicity for those celebrities. In addition, many of the celebrities just enjoy sharing those special moments captures in pictures with their fans. It is a way for them to stay connected with their fans too. Of course, Instagram is also a way to keep their brand fresh in the mind of the public. Lets face facts. Some celebrities just like seeing their pictures plastered all over Instagram, just like average, everyday people that are not in the limelight.

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