Instagram-Famous Desiree Perez is the Boss Behind the Roc Nation Scenes
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The rise of powerful women in male-dominated businesses is proof positive that the proverbial glass ceiling is not completely unbreakable. Desiree Perez, an entrepreneur, producer and talent manager has had a significant presence in the entertainment industry for at least two decades, but you wont find her on Instagram. Perez does not seek the limelight, but she is very much a part of it through the A-list celebrities whom she has helped usher to the crests of their careers. She is known to industry insiders as the driving force behind various endeavors, including Roc Nation, SC Enterprise and the Hova Circle of Influence, the powerful collective of personalities behind various entertainment, production and talent management enterprises. 

The Rihanna Connection

You wont find her commanding an audience in an arena show, but she was instrumental in bringing high-flying talent to this point in their careers. The audience wont be screaming her name, but without her expertise, the celebrity entertainer may not even be at this apex or deliver the kind of show worthy of ticket prices in three to four digit figures. She was part of the team behind the trendsetting tour of one of todays major pop icons, among other big projects.

Des Perez shepherded negotiations with Samsung for a collaborative promotion of Rihannas Anti project. The deal netted $25 million and a load of publicity for the Barbadian beauty who remains among the top performers and most popular among young celebrities in a constantly competitive industry. Naturally, Perez remains an important member of Rihannas inner circle and will continue to be a transformative influence in the career of this iconic performer who is now firmly ensconced as an A-lister based on her track record as a bankable performer, fashion style icon and commercial model representing global brands.

Tracing the Trajectory of Success

For all her achievements in the entertainment industry and her connections to big-name celebrities, Desiree Perez is a simple woman. She is intensely private although pictures of her with various entertainment personalities show up here and there. She likes working in the background and letting the big names manage the press coverage that accompany big deals and big celebrities with eevn bigger egos.

She is widely perceived as Shawn Jay-Z Carters secret weapon when it comes to negotiating deals with industry bigwigs, easing the transition from one business endeavor to another and identifying innovative ways to expand Carters, and by extension, the Perezes business conglomerate. Perez and Carter have worked together in various capacities for the last 22 years. 

Perez has earned the reputation as a tough negotiator with her clients best interests in mind at all times. She knows her way around numbers and can crunch her way around the most experienced agents and business executives. She has proven that she can manage complicated deals and close them to her companys favor. Des Perez is married to Juan Perez, who has been involved with Carters various businesses for many years. 

The Roc Nation Deal

Roc Nation entered into a highly touted $150-million deal with Live Nation in 2008. Perez runs Roc Nation with her husband as another top executive. As the 10-year deal came to an end, Desiree Perez and Carter sat down with Universal Musics Sir Lucian Grainge for a power lunch. This meeting sparked a lot of speculation about a potential partnership between the two powerhouses, but nothing has been announced as of yet. Meantime, Carter and Live Nation officially announced a 10-year renewal of their existing agreement. Details have not been released, but with Des Perez on the negotiating panel, this is bound to be another lucrative deal for Carter and Roc Nation.

Roc Nation Sports is another part of the Roc Nation conglomerate. This entity is focused on talent representation and management of sports personalities. Juan Perez is president of Roc Nation Sports, but Des Perez plays a crucial role in negotiating contracts for the elite clientele they represent, including MLBs CC Sabathia and Robinson Cano, NFLs Geno Smith, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz, NBAs Kevin Durant and WNBAs Skylar Diggins. Roc Nation Sports has also attracted the expertise of top sports executives, including Michael Yormark of the Florida Panthers. Yormarks move to Roc Nation Sports as its President and Chief for Branding and Strategy is reportedly due to his great respect for the work done by Des and Juan Perez since the company was formed in 2013. 

Boss Secrets from Des Perez

Des Perez is an extraordinary woman. She thrives in an environment where men make the rules. She is driven to perform efficiently and effectively in a world where other players are driven by large egos. She is relentless about driving hard bargains, and results often play out publicly. Yet the extent of her achievements are largely shrouded in the legalese of contracts and the huge numbers that define public perception of her clients and companies success. She pals around with A-listers, including Rihanna, Jay-Z and other performers and sports celebrities, yet she keeps her eye on the ball, making sure that clients and the company she works for receive the maximum benefits for their celebrity and their works.

That she is loyal is beyond question. She has, after all, been a guiding influence and prominent presence in Jay-Zs business life for more than 20 years. She has proven her worth as a tough negotiator many times over. She has a keen mind for business and the stamina and fortitude required to thrive in top-level positions in the dog-eat-dog entertainment and celebrity industry. With Des Perez in its executive circle, expect Roc Nation and its subsidiaries to scale the heights of business success.

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